Agência Comercial Glória Limitada

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Incorporated in 1973, Agência Comercial Glória Limitada (德昌洋行有限公司) has over 30 years of experience in airline and shipping-line agency work as well as all aspects of cargo logistics service in Macau.

Berth & Terminal

The Company owns and operates Terminal 5C of the Macau Inner Harbor where over 6% of the import/export operations of the territory are handled.

Airline Agency

  • Cargo sales agent of Air Macau Co. Ltd since 1995
  • Cargo sales agent of Singapore Airlines Ltd since 1999

Shipping-Line Agency

  • General Agent of Sea-Land Service Inc. from 1984 to 2000 before the acquisition by Maersk Line.
  • Sales agent for Lykes Line since 2000